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Ningbo Rongxin Ansheng Machinery Co., Ltd.,Website:, is a professional and reliable ISO 9001 manufactory supplying metal casting (forging), machining, plastic injection part and surface treatment in China. Our quality assured components are used by many industries throughout the America and Europe. We are verified manufacturer for HONEYWELL since 2008, and also service for other Famous customer like FASTENAL, BOSE, GEMS, HONRYSCHEIN,DCI,PSG,FOX RACING BOX in different fields. Our Products are used widely in Life Safety, Valves, Pump, Automobile, Ophthalmology, Dentist, furniture, lighting, communications, Construction Marine and General Engineerings.? ? We aim to supply our customers with high quality products in the shortest leading time. With more than 25 year?s experience, our manufacturing facilities offer flexible service, innovative engineering and competitive pricing.? ? ? We offer one-stop service including casting, CNC machining, surface finishing, assembling, Quality Testing, until components are suitable for your production line.
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CNC Milling Part, Machining Part, CNC Turning Part, Turning Part, Plastic Injection Part, Plastic Part, Aluminum Die Casting, Aluminum Part, Aluminum Sand Casting Part, Sand Casting Part, Copper Forging Part, Brass Forging Part, Copper Part, Brass Part, Stainless Steel Casting Part, Stainless Steel Part, Lost Wax Part, Aluminum Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting Part, Zinc Part, Aluminum Case, Aluminum Cover, Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Casting Processes, Investment Casting, Low Pressure Casting, Precision Casting, Accessory Mold, Tooling, Mold Tooling, Die Casting Mold, Die Casting Tooling, Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Tooling, Zinc Die Casting Mold, Zinc Die Casting Tooling Polishing Part, High Gloss Polishing Part, Rough Polishing Part, Zinc Plated, Anodized, Anodizing, Galvanized, KTL, Power coating, Power coated, Painting, Painted, Grinding, grinded, Heat Treatment Valve, Valves,?Precision valves, Relieve Valve, Filter Regulator, Filter Relief-pressure Valve,SKILLAIR,Compression Release Valve, BIT Air Filtering Reducing Valve, Solenoid Valve, Solenoid Valves, Stainless Steel Valves, Brass Valves, Aluminum Valves, Solenoid Valve, Solenoid Valves, Auto Part, Gear Box, Accessories, Exhaust Pipe, Muffler Pump, Nozzle Medical Part, Gas Gun Flange Pipe, Optical Part, Nylon Part, ABS Part, PP Part, PC Part Shaft, Bushing, Pin, Pawl OEM part, ODM part Transmission, Plastic Gear, Stainless Steel Gear, Steel Gear, Copper Gear,
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